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Today I completed the third chapter from the book Introduction to Statistical Learning and did the exercises in R. It’s a really good book and I read it for a second time, I want to read the whole book again because the second time I go through it, I understand some concepts better. In combination with the machine learning course from Coursera (where I also want to view some videos for a second time), I think someone has a good idea about machine learning in general.

I was also watching a video on YouTube about the decision to be a software engineer and not data scientist, because data science is a hype nowadays and in the near future software engineers will have better career opportunities and replace data scientists, or something like that. I believe even if this is true, statistics will always be in demand, as well as coding. So their combination is really strong. If I got a job until summer in something relevant with statistics, then I would choose a Msc with a better idea of what is good for my career. A Msc in Data science is something that I want to do for sure, but the best thing would be to get a job first. I must not think that this is a hard time for someone to find a job because of Covid restrictions but I need to continue to apply.

Another concept for choosing a Msc is “Flexibility” and it is really important. So even if I need to change a bit my career goals, I will be able to do so. I believe Statistics will always be in demand, especially in the future. So from this angle it is more flexible and “safer” than Data science. As I said, maybe a combination of coding and statistics, is maybe better than a Msc in Data Science.

The following days I want to continue with the book EOSL and also with the SQL, BI and Visualization seminar, in which I am currently enrolled. And continue to apply every day!


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