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These days I spent many hours trying to understand how scraping works and I understood the basics. It’s difficult to find a code that fits all the webpages for scraping data, and if the HTML code is not written in a good way, things get difficult. However I understood some basic stuff by watching tutorials in YouTube and I also learned to use Wordcloud in Python, which is really fun. I also learned to use choropleth maps and used real data to plot it on various maps!

There are so many things I’ve done these days that it is difficult for me to mention them all here. I have started a seminar for SQL and BI by the university I studied statistics, I have completed Dataquest Data Analyst in Python path (not sure if I’ve mentioned it again here) and did a couple of projects. The project I now want to upload will have to do with a combination of scraping and Wordcloud (maybe extracting the posts from my blog). Generally, my portofolio is already looking much better!

I also think a lot about Msc in Data science and it would be nice if I did one outside Greece. However my bachelor grade is low, so the probabilities are low to get accepted in a program outside Greece in a public university. I could never believe that sometime I would have this desire, so I never tried to have good grades. But you never know, sometimes when we want something a lot we do everything to make it happen. I cannot change the past, but I can do whatever I can now to gain knowledge and build my Portofolio.

It will be important to make a plan now that I have finished Dataquest to make progress in Data Science and do projects. As I said I am currently enrolled in the SQL and BI seminar from my university, but I think I have time if I plan my time smartly. My other activities are Musicology and learning German!

Another good news is that a company replied to my application for a customer analyst role and they gave me an assignment to fill. I hope they will call me, if not it’s ok, I continue my work. It is very important to work smartly and have a goal. My goal is to find a data analyst job and by building a really interesting portofolio and doing projects, I can stand out from the competition.

Finally, it’s nearly a year that I have this interest for data analysis and I have made a big progress. I will continue to do so and expand my knowledge daily!


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