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I have been making progress with the seminar about Business Intelligence, SQL and Power BI and it is a very interesting seminar. Power BI is a powerful visualization tool that is quite easy to use and I want to apply it to real data. The cool thing is that graphs change automatically if you change or add data. I also learned some things about data warehouse and ETL processes.

Apart from that, I am not working with new data analysis projects now, because I have work to do for my other subjects in Musicology. The exams period ends at February and hopefully I won’t have more subjects to study after that (or maybe 2-3).

I also apply as much as I can to statistician/data analyst jobs and I have improved my CV, which now looks more professional and cleaner. I also learned some new things in Excel, a friend of mine sent me an interview test for excel and it helped me a lot.

I think that until February of 2021 I will have time just for the seminar, but after my exams in Musicology I want to continue my projects and maybe enroll in a statistics course, or maybe a programming course!


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