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I’m really excited today, because I used Basemap library in Python as part of a project on Dataquest. It will be really cool to be able to plot statistics on actual maps on my own projects. Here is a tutorial about using the library, which I found very helpful.

I will also check this notebook and try to apply it myself.

And this is probably a treasure. It contains projects by someone from who we can learn a lot! His projects are based on Dataquest and Datacamp online courses! This is absolutely amazing work! Here is the project I’m working on and he has uploaded.

Also this data on Github details the deaths of Marvel comic book characters between the time they joined the Avengers and April 30, 2015, the week before Secret Wars 1. Really funny!

Finally this is a great way to sum rows . Below is the code:

def clean_deaths(row):

                num_deaths = 0

                columns = [‘Death1’, ‘Death2’, ‘Death3’, ‘Death4’, ‘Death5’]

                for c in columns:

                                death = row[c]

                                if pd.isnull(death) or death == ‘NO’:


                                elif death == ‘YES’:

                                                num_deaths += 1

                                return num_deaths

true_avengers[‘Deaths’] = true_avengers.apply(clean_deaths, axis=1)


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