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Today I continued the intermediate Python course in Dataquest and I will probably do it along with the statistics course.

Also, I learned about frequency distributions in Python and differences between histograms and barplots (I refreshed my memory on these). Here are some of those differences:

  • Histograms help us visualize continuous values using bins while bar plots help us visualize discrete values.
  • The locations of the bars on the x-axis matter in a histogram, but they don’t in a simple bar plot.
  • Lastly, bar plots also have gaps between the bars, to emphasize that the values are discrete.

Also an interesting plot for exploratory analysis is scatter matrix plot (scatter_matrix function).

Finally, I uploaded this on Github , as part of a project on Dataquest, where I worked on some plots in Python (histograms, barplots etc.).It is the first project I upload in a Jupyter notebook format.


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