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Today I made progress in Dataquest and also started the machine learning course on Coursera! Also I’ve been accepted to Dataquest’s Covid-19 Financial Aid Scholarship. That means I’ll automatically receive free access to all of the courses and projects in the Data Analyst in Python and Data Analyst in R paths by Thursday, April 30. More specifically:

“Your free access will end on July 26, 2020. However, if you complete at least one full course prior to July 21, 2020, you will receive an extension with an additional three months of free access to the Data Analyst in Python and Data Analyst in R paths. Extensions will not be granted under other circumstances.”

So, absolutely great news!!! Dataquest is a really good online platform for learning Data science through projects and I’ll do my best to make as much progress as I can until then!

Also today I sent some of my plots regarding a research, to the producer of that research and hopefully I can have my work visible to all those who are interested in that research. My knowledge is still limited but I improve every day.

The last days I’ve focused more on the practical subjects of data analysis and I think that starting the machine learning course from Coursera I will help me learn a lot more and become more confident.

So much to learn and do! I try to make progress every day, have faith and everything will follow!


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