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Finished today with the Python exercises from Udemy course and I did well generally, it takes time to get used to the language. I was thinking today that it will be a difficult period from 2020, because I will have my new job in the morning (which is part time) and my other job as music teacher in the afternoon. So I’ll have to be really focused and organized. Preparing my meals the day before will also be a good idea and going to the gym a certain time of the day. I also have to give exams and pass as many lessons as I can in Musicology where I’m still a student here in Athens. The difficult period will be up to the end of June,before the summer holidays. However I’m excited about my new job and the challenge of doing so many things… focus , consistency and organization are the key words. 2019 was a good year for me and I hope 2020 will be even better, especially for my skills and job opportunities in data science. Can’t wait!


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