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Those are some recommendations on online courses from the web. I watched the video How to Become a Data Scientist here   and also this video from the same channel on YouTube -Best Online Data Science Courses  

Some of the recommendations are:

1.Introduction to Python * (This is not free anymore, watched first lecture)*

2.Google’s Python Class


3.Data Science Specialization Johns Hopkins

4.Applied Data Science with Python University of Michigan


5.Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp


6.Learn Data Science

Also finished tutorial “Head Start…” in Kaggle. I need to learn some theory around random forests, logistic regression and other prediction models. Also read some other tutorials and some of them get in so much depth.

Watched this video about random forests -Machine learning – Random forests

Also there are other videos I need to watch about random forests. I found very helpful the tutorials from Statquest,  on YouTube

Generally, I thought it would be a good idea to take an online course and a certificate with that. A cheap one to start with, maybe from Udemy ,  I will take some time to investigate.


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