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My First Post!

First post!

So many things today: I watched YouTube playlist “coursera: data analysis by Jeff leek”
Very good series for a begginer, watched up to up to video 6
Also, I downloaded this pdf (Tidy data) and read a bit up to chapter 3.
Found the writer of the previous pdf, Hadley Wickham at
*Q:How to run code on R from ? Search github a bit, I can learn a lot from there.
Also I watched videos Coin Flipping Robot and How random is a coin toss? Video showed 51% chance!
I already have a basic statistical background , however I can check the page “open intro statistics” .Finally, I checked the article R Coding Style Guide ,which gives some rules about programming in R!

I have to organise my study a bit, it’s difficult to stay focused in a particular subject every time, but it is vital. It has been about 2 months that I study data analysis and refresh my memory in statistics and R language. I feel I’ve learned a lot since then, but of course I’m still an amateur on data analysis. In another post I’ll make a list of the books I’ve read or want to read about the subject. So that’s it for today!


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